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Children under five attend the San Fernando Anglican Nursery School, while those over five attend St. Paul’s Anglican Boys’ School or the San Fernando Girls’ Anglican School. One child now attends the San Fernando East Secondary School, Pleasantville.

Volunteers comprising of retired teachers, Fifth and Sixth Formers of neighbouring schools and students of tertiary institutions, who do their practicum at the Home, all assist with Home Lessons. A well equipped library is available.

Dr. Sylvia Loney Ed. D., P.D., N.C.S.P. provides voluntary psychological assistance to the Home. It is hoped that Government Social Workers may be attached to the Home sooon. This assistance is sorely needed in all Children's Homes.


Children attend the Roy Joseph Health Clinic which is in near proximity to the Home. Any serious cases are attended to at the San Fernando General Hospital, while those needing counseling attend the Pleasantville Child Guidance Clinic.

A Doctor of Psychiatry visits the Home on a weekly basis to give voluntary assistance to the children.

The Home is in need of a Medical Doctor to visit the children on a regular basis, who can be called upon in an emergency.

Spiritual and Moral

Children attend the St. Paul Anglican Church on one Sunday per month. Mrs. Ingrid Tenia and Ms. Ingrid Barrow offer their services religiously on Sunday afternoons to give spiritual and moral guidance to the children.

There is also an abundance of reading and audio/visual material available to children.

Extra Curricular Activities.



Children are taken out regularly on field trips.

Music : Volunteers are needed to teach children to play the keyboard and guitar.

Volunteers are also needed to help with computer literacy, and to play games such as cricket and football with the boys.


We gladly welcome donations of money, foodstuff, clothing etc from individuals, groups and organizations.

Contributions may be brought to the home or deposited in our RBTT Account listed below. You may fill out our Contact Form and we will contact you.

We accept donations from Corporate bodies, friends and wellwishers. Deposit Cash and Cheques at any branch of RBTT Bank...

Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
High Street
San Fernando.
Account Number: 97012377461.

We also accept foodstuff including market produce, household cleaners, toiletries, clothing in very good condition, utensils etc., in fact, anything that can be used in a home.

Be a donor or a volunteer and help us to be of better service to the children in our care.



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