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M.U.C.H. caters for not more than fifteen (15) at a time between the ages of eighteen (18) months and twelve (12) years.

Because it is a halfway home the numbers fluctuate. Some children stay just overnight, others for a weekend, while others may spend from a few months to a few years according to the particular case and how long it takes the relevant authorities to solve the problem.

Some children are taken back to their respective homes, some are placed with relatives or other designated persons as ordered by the courts while others are sent to other institutions where they can reside till they are eighteen years or over.


Mailing Address


Mothers’ Union Children’s Home
Pouchet Street
San Fernando

Home Phone: 657-8586

Manager’s Cell: 374-4853

Visiting Hours: 4.30pm. to 5.30pm.
Other times by appointment




All Children, male or female, are admitted to the Home at the request of the Children's Authority. These children are assessed, then sent to the Home. For admission we require the Birth Certificate, an Immunization Card and results of a Medical Examination if possible.



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