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10th Anniversary

  Dec 2nd 2011
  The Mothers Union Childrens' Home celebrated its 10th year in existencet in 2011, and held a Thanksgiving Celebration on Sunday 12th June, 2011 at the home in order to mark the occasion.

Mrs. Esla Crawford, Manager of the home presented the Childrens' Home Rport to those in attendance including the President of the Mothers Union Phyllis Raghunanan, Rev. Dr. Knolly Clarke, Minister of Energy Carolyn Sepersad Bachan and the Mayor of the city of San Fernando, Mrs. Marlene Coudray.

Children at art

  Dec 27th 2014

Christmas at the Home

  Dec 11th 2013
  Christmas visit at the Home

Gift of Computers

  Jun 15th 2013
  MUCH is presented with a gift of computers for our Computer Room

Our Facilities

  Dec 2nd 2011
  Photos of the facilities at the newly opened Mothers' Union Children's Home

Untitled Album 5

  Feb 12th 2011

Christmas Fun

  Dec 11th 2010
  Enjoying themselves in the Bouncy Castle

Chi-Ro Sports Club Donates

  Feb 12th 2014
  Special thanks to the Chi-Ro Sports Club who have donated 2 Desktop Computers and 3 double Computer desks for the School Room.

The Club also supplied labour for the painting of the inside of the building. Paints were supplied by Republic Bank, San Fernando.

The Children and Caregivers were also put up at the Hotel courtesy Chi-Ro Sports Club for the weekend while the painting was being done.

The MUCH thanks them profusely.

Thanks also to all the donors who helped and continue to contribute tot he Home.

Vacancy - House Mother

  Feb 12th 2014
  A vacancy exists for the post of House Mother for the Mothers' Union Children's Home.

Applicants must be able to live in and to deal with both the children and adults, as she would have direct supervision of the Caregivers.

Calls can be made to the Manager at 657-8586 or 652-1825 for further information.

Nursery School Graduation

  Dec 2nd 2011
  Graduation Ceremony for Nursery School Children

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  Dec 27th 2015
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